Egbert Modderman

New at Galerie Bonnard is the work of the Groningen artist; Egbert Modderman.

It has been 5 years since we first saw the work of Egbert Modderman. The work “Sint Martinus” was purchased by the Martini Church in Groningen and occupies a prominent place there. In the portrait, Martin gives a beggar half of his cloak. Then he made a very special entrance into the art world. The church board and the public were so enthusiastic that in 2016 an exhibition of ten major works followed. As a result, there was immediately enormous international attention for the work that Modderman makes.

Since 2017 he has been working on a large follow-up assignment for the Martini Church: painting the seven works of mercy. The works will be hung in the ambulatory of the church. It is the first time since the Reformation and the iconoclasm – when the church became Protestant – that visual art is permanently present in the church again.

As a result of the first exhibition in the Martini Church, Egbert Modderman’s work is on permanent display in the United States. The work in the US, on display in the Moddermanbiblicalart gallery, was recently loaned to the Museum of the Bible in Washington.

We are very happy that we will work exclusively with this special artist. After our first acquaintance 5 years ago, the motivation of the artist continues to be great and fits perfectly in our ambitious collection.

Modderman lives and works in Groningen. He considers himself more of a craftsman than an artist.

Egbert about his work:

I get my paintings inspiration from my own background, the Christian tradition. From this tradition I know the stories in the Bible in which humanity emerges in all its simplicity, complexity and drama. In my paintings I try to show these universal and timeless human emotions. My painting style is figurative with a dramatic and religious approach.

I paint with oil on canvas or panel.

Egbert Modderman’s work can always be seen in our gallery. If you want to see the greatest work, please contact us to be sure. Then we make sure it is in the gallery for viewing.

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