Bert Brus

Realism 2020

Bert Brus, Bart Koning, Heidi von Faber, Ingrid Smuling, JP Marsman & Jos de Wit

to be seen from June 21, 2020

An introduction to the artist.

During our first meeting at is home and studio we get a tour of the studio. This is divided into a “design corner” and a “painting corner”. The design corner is also the place where paintings dry in a specially constructed rack. This gives us a good insight into the working method of Bert Brus. Several layers of oil paint on top of each other is one aspect of this. Every new layer requires a dry surface. This can take up to a year between starting and finishing a work of art. Brus is always working on several paintings at the same time.

Brus’ work varies from a few cm to more than a meter wide, during the exhibition “It’s how you look at it” we show new work in all sizes.

Brus himself about his work:
“Dreams arise in reality, the images I use summarize my reality”

The artist’s reality is the starting point of the viewer’s imagination. The paintings have room for everyone’s story. The compositions literally and figuratively require an interpretation. What interpretation is up to the viewer, after all, the artist already reflected his reality.

The paintings cannot be summed up in a few words, strongly abstracted compositions, fresh colors, an unrealistic representation of reality, summery, still, offering space to the environment, are some words that arise when viewing the special collection that we can and are for sale during the exhibition ‘It’s how you look at it’.

The artist himself will be present in the gallery on June 21. Due to the measures surrounding the Corona virus, there is no opening party. You are very welcome to meet the artists.



The gallery is open from 11am to 6pm.

You are most welcome!


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