Anna Maria Vargiu

“Other Regions”

Anna Maria Vargiu, Dirk Bal & Pedro Quesada Sierra

(Exhibition until April 19)

Anna Maria Vargiu is a great talent with her 26 years. Until the age of 11, the artist lived with her parents in Sardinia. Anna Maria Vargiu herself about this: ,, I lived in a very fairytale environment when I was little. We hiked in the mountains, climbed trees, took special branches home and in the spring we picked flowers outside. “It is probably there that her love for colorful subjects such as flowers, fruits and sunny landscapes arose. This love for color and light is immediately visible in her work. Her working method is also striking. Vargiu works “alla fine”: wet in wet.

After three years of the Classical Academy in Groningen, she quit her studies to further develop her method and inspiration. Inspired by old masters such as Joachim Sorolla and John Singer Sargent, that development in her own studio took big steps. “Some artists work in layers, start with a single-color underpainting and build up precisely and finely”, says Vargiu. “I work differently, I don’t have enough patience to work that way. The biggest challenge for me is to use the brush strokes as efficiently as possible, so that the spontaneous remains in it. “The examples of the paintings speak for themselves: landscapes with light, flowers partly in the light and partly in the shade feel it is summer.

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