In transit, drawings and paintings by Peter Durieux

22-10-2017 - 19-11-2017

For this solo exhibition Peter Durieux worked non-stop for a year on a series of new drawings and paintings. Extremely proud and happy we look forward to this with great anticipation!

Musical opening Sunday 22nd October from 14:30

The opening, accompanied by chamber music from The Rossini Trio, takes place on the 22nd of October. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.

About /Regarding Peter Durieux

We have been familiar with Peter Durieux’s creations for years, his work is always a reason for quiet contemplation. His drawings , which are made on location over a period of time, capture wonderfully the atmosphere of his surroundings.

Drawing is seeing

The paintings and drawings of Durieux are built up in a series of wel defined steps.

Peter studies his landscape intently whilst drawing. “Drawing is seeing”, he frequently tells his students at the Klassieke Academie in Groningen. Twice a year he travels to “Le Coulet, a small hamlet in the French Ardeche. This hamlet, the surrounding villages and landscapes have been the subject of Peters Durieux’s creations for years.

Despite working constantly in the same area Peter finds it is never dull or tedious. During the many conversations that we have had Peter once confided:

I walk and cycle less and less. Before, when I was looking for a suitable place to draw, I could spend half a day searching. I travelled by bike or took a long hike and, after a long search, I would find the right spot. Now I just step outside the door of my lodgings . I see so much more than before. Sometimes, as the light dissapears from the chosen compostion, I just have to turn ninety degrees for the following drawing.

Peter works several days on a single drawing. Often working on several simultaneously. The ever changing sunlight is an extremely vital part of his composition. Afternoons are therefore spent at a different location than the mornings. In the compostion much light but little sky is visible. The light from the sky caresses the landscape beautifully. Often a sign of human occupation can be seen in these drawings. A huis, wall, steps or a ladder. People are not visible but their presence is felt.

With continuously changing light, it is truly awe inspiring how Peter Durieux manages, even in a drawing, to show that it is indeed spring , autumn, morning or afternoon that we see.

File/Folder with drawings

As Peter returns from a month in France, he has a file/folder full of drawings with him. On the occasions that I have seen them I remember being deeply impressed. What a drive and enthusiasm! Witnessing this was a fantastic privilege.

This precious file/folder of drawings is effective “for six months work” in the atelier/studio at home in Usquert (Groningen). Peter develops these drawings further into paintings using the memories of the hours spent gazing at the landscapes he has drawn. Together, these memories and drawings form the green colours. From a grey tonal work a green tonal work is distilled. The painting is built up, as are his drawings, in planes. Furthermore It is fascinating to see how much colour is hidden in these landscapes. Typically a loose style, the brushstrokes are clearly visible. Durieux’s traditional maxim that drawing (painting) is seeing, that which he is constanly reminding his students, is practised fastidiously bij himself. He has very little necessary to display much. Every brushstroke is effective, and thus bij mere suggestion forms an image for the viewer.

Aside from the work produced for the exhibition we also have a painting in our possession which Peter made in Brittany, a dry river bed with a boat. In addition to working in the Ardeche and Brittany, Peter is also active in Italy, Great Britain and Denmark.

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