Female Mastery

02-05-2020 - 14-06-2020

Female Mastery

On display from May 2, 2020

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Svetlana Tartakovska (Netherlands, Groningen)

Daniela Astone (Italy, Florence)

Ksenya Istomina (Russia, Saint Petersburg)


The exhibition can be seen, live, from May 2 to June 14, 2020

Galerie Bonnard in Nuenen has its roots in Classical Visual Arts, the entire collection is based on this. Whether it concerns Street Art duo ‘Studio Toxic’, painters Mitzy Renooy, Hans Versfelt, Rutger Hiemstra, graphic artists such as Charles Donker and Siemen Dijkstra or sculptors such as Wim van der Kant and Antoinette Briet, they all indicate independently how important to them is the Classical education and the history of art. It is the foundation of their work.

The diverse collection of Galerie Bonnard shows that this solid foundation leads to great expression, diversity and high quality of the artworks. These three concepts are at the top for Gallery owners René Renders and David van der Linden when putting together the exhibition calendar.

Female Mastership

The three female artists in the exhibition “Female Mastery” (Due to the international character of the exhibition the English title “Female Mastery” is used) come from Classical Academies in Florence, Saint Petersburg and Groningen.

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