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Galerie Bonnard has been a household name in the Dutch art world for over 35 years, a loyal audience, well-attended exhibitions. For years an address where art and quality go hand in hand.
Not only a loyal audience, but also artists who have been with the Gallery for 35 years show that Bonnard is a name to be proud of! To keep this name high and also give it new impetus, we have made great strides with new artists of which we can say that the result is there!


The website gives an overview of the work, our gallery in Nuenen and our activities. We invite everyone to come and have a look, everyone is welcome, the coffee is ready! We also invite you to visit our openings, listen to live music and get to know our artists.

Our artists.

Characteristic of all artists is that they feel at home under the heading ‘Modern Realism’, and from there have found a completely unique, figurative way of expressing themselves. Our artist are 90% Dutch and the other 10% come from all over Europe, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and GBR.

We choose to represent a wide group. From renowned and very experienced to recently graduated or recently discovered. A clear vision and knowledge of the classical business line is what binds all artists. The meeting with art and artists is central to our gallery.

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What to do in the gallery?

Every month we organize a new exhibition at our new location, Berg 9 in Nuenen, in which we present one artist or a small group of artists.

It is fantastic to know that artists are currently working on new work they are creating for an exhibition that will probably only be on display in our gallery in a year’s time. Keep an eye on our agenda or sign up for the newsletter!

All this can be found on this website under “Exhibitions”.

In addition to paintings, drawings, graphic work, sculptures and other art, we organize courses in which visual art is central.
Check our “news” page for more information. You will find all activities together on our agenda.

Here you will also see that we organize musical activities, lectures and other activities. Always different, and always complementing our range of visual art.

If you would like to be kept informed of our activities, you can subscribe to our newsletter. Every month we send an update about activities we organize.

Our site

Take a look around on the website, enjoy the artworks and let yourself be informed about the beautiful works and our conversations with the artists. If you miss or want to leave something, please let us know! We do our best to update the site daily. All works available here can be viewed and / or purchased via the site, but also in the gallery. Would you like to see what you saw on the site in the ‘real’ way of one or a few artists, then we are happy to put this up for you in the gallery. Mail or call us.

Opening hours

We are open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

If you want to come at a different time, we would like to make an appointment, 7 days a week. In addition, it is possible that we come to you with work by one or a few artists to view it in your own environment.

Purchasing online

We are used to do international shipping. Every painting, sculpture or other artwork we ship worldwide in a custom made wooden crate.




René Renders and David van der Linden

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